Hair Removal Made Easy With Tweezy | September Brand Of The Month & 20% OFF EXCLUSIVELY At My Beauty Bar

Happy September everyone - how fast has this year flown by?! It barely seems like yesterday we were getting ready to embrace those Summer vibes... but somehow we're approaching spooky season already! Who else is looking forward to the snuggly nights in, pumpkin picking & cozy jumpers?

Here at My Beauty Bar HQ we're pretty excited about the start of September - as as well as the joy these fall favourites bring us; with every new month we enter, we spoil you guys with a fresh brand of the month too... and this month's pick is one of our all-time faves: Tweezy.

We love Tweezy facial hair removal & grooming products - and we want to spread this love far & wide; shouting about these innovative tools from the rooftops. That's why - for the whole of September - we're offering you an exclusive 20% off all Tweezy products when you use code TWEEZY20 at the checkout so you guys can try out these incredible products at a reduced cost!

Here's a little more about the collection & the products themselves. 

20% Off Tweezy Hair Removal Accessories at My Beauty Bar UK

Facial hair removal has never been quicker - or easier - than with Tweezy's innovative range of tools. Suitable for men & women, the collection helps you achieve quick, long-lasting results from the comfort of your own home; without the expense of salon appointments.

Tweezy's best-selling, innovative Facial Hair Remover will revolutionise the way you deal with unwanted body hair forever - just bend it and twist… it’s easy Tweezy

Shop Tweezy Hair Removal Accessories at My Beauty Bar UK

Tweezy Facial Hair Remover, £10 at My Beauty Bar

This Tweezy Facial Hair Remover makes keeping on top of facial hair easy! Tweezy's best-selling tool is a multi-award winning facial hair removal device that removes hair without the need for chemicals, heat, an external power source or strenuous effort. All with a simple bend and twist action.

Durable, reusable and portable; this Tweezy Facial Hair Epilator provides gentle, effective DIY hair removal - at a fraction of the cost & time of conventional hair removal procedures. Unwanted facial hair can now be eliminated from the roots quickly and effectively... within the privacy of your own home, at work, while on holiday, on public transportation and practically anywhere, anytime you need to get the job done!

Your new Tweezy is intuitive & easy to use; with a simple bend and twist action. It also doesn't require a mirror - making it ideal for use on the go. This device is suitable for women & men of all ages and hair/skin types who have unwanted facial hair on areas such as:

- the upper and lower lip
- cheeks
- chin
- jawline
- and the neck

Shop Tweezy Hair Removal Accessories at My Beauty Bar UK

Tweezy Professional Tweezers, £8 at My Beauty Bar

Pluck pesky hair & groom on the go with these streamlined Tweezy Tweezers. The ideal size for any make-up bag, these handy tweezers boast famously perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips for ultimate precision. They're perfect for travel; slipping easily into any purse - and budget friendly, too.

Before tweezing, it's advised to take a hot shower, steam the face or use a washcloth to open up the pores. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage.

To close pores post tweezing, use cold water or astringent.

Shop Tweezy Hair Removal Accessories at My Beauty Bar UK

Have you tried any Tweezy products before? Will you be taking advantage of our exclusive 20% off deal this month? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to tag us in your posts on socials - #MyBeautyBarUK

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