Credo SmartCutter Callus Remover, POP ART



This Credo SmartCutter Callus Remover, from the POP ART collection, is a revolutionary way to remove calluses. It's safe, precise, clean and smart.

More than 30 little islands work to cut the callus smoothly; without posing the risk of deep cuts into the skin. Every island is equipped with a triple layer of sharp circular blades; meaning that you can use the Smart Cutter in any direction - even back & forth.

Clip can be easily removed by clicking it off from the handle. The container underneath the metal part of the SmartCutter collects removed calluses & skin debris and can be easily cleaned under running water. 

How to Use / Benefits

- Safe handling with the use of an ergonomic grip
- Precision cut; using a triple-layer-blade
- Special micro-section avoids excavating the skin
- Container holds removed calluses & debris
- Available in various colours

Recommended: circular use

IMPORTANT: To be used on dry skin only. Diabetics and those prone to excessive bleeding are advised to consult their doctor or podiatrist before use.


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