BeautyPro Brightening Collagen Sheet Mask, 23g


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Restore a youthful glow to tired skin using this BeautyPro Brightening Collagen Sheet Mask. Its unique, scientifically-tested formula boasts powerful anti-aging ingredients; which work to combat fine lines, wrinkles, sun-damage and dullness. Marine collagen within this potent mix works to improve skin clarity, reduce the visibility of pigmentation & balance uneven skin tones.

Suitable for use on all skin types, this premium quality collagen sheet mask promises to leave your skin soft, supple and bright. Its innovative design is cut to fit the shape of the face; meaning it's ready to use (fuss-free) straight from the packet!

How to Use

Cleanse the skin before removing your Brightening Collagen Sheet Mask from its packaging. Unfold the mask before carefully applying to the face & leaving it to work for 15-20 minutes.

After use, remove the mask and discard. There is no need to rinse your skin once removed; any excess serum can be applied to the neck and  décolletage.


Marine Collagen, Vitamin-C, Aloe Vera, Extracts of Bearberry, Licorice Root, Portulaca Flower, Sophora Angustifolia Natural Plant Extract, Chamomile, Boswellia Serrata Plant Extract, Pomegranate, Witch Hazel.

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