Skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite, 100ml

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This luxurious Skin689® Creme Anti-Cellulite - boasting its patented, exclusive active ingredient (CHacoll®) works to stimulate collagen synthesis in subcutaneous skin tissue & smoothes the skin. 

Within a few weeks, Skin689® Anti-Cellulite Creme can be seen to noticeably improve the appearance of cellulite; as CHacoll® promotes the build-up of collagen fibers. This strengthens the subcutaneous network, which retains fat cells and ensures firmer, tighter skin. As a result, the skin surface is left much smoother and its elasticity is remarkably improved.

How to Use / Benefits

This luxurious cream is quickly absorbed by the skin & can therefore be used both in the morning and evening. It leaves a silky soft touch and a pleasant scent in its wake.

For best results, apply the Anti-Cellulite Creme to affected areas daily; over a period of 6-10 weeks.


Ingredients such as Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil boast cell-regenerating, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties; whilst Vitamins C & E protect the skin from free radicals.


10/10. Despite my scepticism, and combined with healthier eating and exercise, skin689® has had a very positive effect on my cellulite - I'm very pleased with the 1.5" measurement reduction of the thigh! The product is a pleasure to use, and I would happily recommend it."

"I would buy this product, I'm always a little sceptical of cellulite creams and their claims but this one did indeed live up to its promises."

"Yes, I would buy this product and I don’t currently use an anti-cellulite cream but this one made me change my mind about the efficacy of cellulite creams"

"I am glad I had the chance to try this product. it improved the appearance of cellulite, made my legs look firmer and skin soft to touch."

"I am excited that it reduced the size of my thigh."

"This was nice to use and massaged in easily and did have a positive effect on my skin as it became smoother and firmer with an improvement of my cellulite."

“Excellent, lived up to claims!”

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