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Timeless Truth Autumn Sheet Mask Gift Box Bundle Offer RRP £55

£38.20 £55


This beautifully presented Timeless Truth Autumn Sheet Mask Gift Box Bundle should be £55 - but is discounted to just £38.20; meaning you're saving some serious ££ off the masks you love! The perfect selection of Timeless Truth face masks to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing this Autumn; from across 5 ranges.

Includes 2 Pure Beauty Award-Winning masks from 2020 & the following 5 masks (which include 2 FREE Black Charcoal Cooling Refresh Masks and Bonus Moss Serum samplers x 2):

  • Timeless Truth Moss Extract Revitalizing Repair Bio Cellulose Mask x 1 (Moisturising/ Environmental Protection & Repair)
  • Timeless Truth Super Honey Black Bee Honey Skin Recovery Bio Cellulose Mask x 1 (Repairing, Anti-Ageing, Barrier Repair) (Pure Beauty Best Anti-Ageing Mask Award Winner 2020)
  • Timeless Truth Hydration Regenerating Skin Enhancement Mask x 1 (Hydrating/ Nourishing)
  • Timeless Truth Bright – Translucent Radiant Superfine Mask x 1 (Brightening)
  • Timeless Truth Anti-Wrinkle & Repairing Bio Cellulose Eye Mask (Wrap-Around Design) Hydrating/ Anti-Ageing) (Pure Beauty Best New Skincare Treatment Winner 2020)
  • Timeless Truth Cooling Refresh Black Charcoal Mask x 2 ( Detox/ Cooling/ Hydrating) (FREE)
  • Bonus: Timeless Truth Moisturising Serum with Moss Extract 3ml samplers x 2

Comes presented in a Timeless Truth luxury gift box & ribbon in black or white; subject to availability.

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