My White Secret

My White Secret Day & Night Toothpaste Set



This unique My White Secret Day & Night Toothpaste Set has been formulated alongside UK dentists to naturally whiten your teeth using only the best natural ingredients. Paraben and SLS free, My White Secret have worked to replace Fluoride with Xylitol within their formula - & also use Vegetable Glycerin; as they're proud to be a cruelty-free brand.

The 'Day' formula uses Xylitol to protect your teeth and prevent stains throughout your day. Peppermint Oil keeps your breath smelling minty fresh & Sodium Bicarbonate works to naturally restore the whiteness of your teeth; whilst keeping your gums healthy too. A splash of Pomegranate acts as an antioxidant for both your mouth & gums.

The 'Night' formula is spearmint flavoured & gently whitens teeth using Activated Charcoal; a low abrasive that removes stains from the surface of the tooth without damaging the enamel. Silica helps to ensure healthy gums; along with the inclusion of essential minerals within the toothpaste.

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