Credo Flat Callus Rasp, POP ART



This Credo Flat Callus Rasp, from the POP ART collection, is the ultimate tool to remove dry skin from your feet. With a coarse blade to remove stubborn calluses, a fine blade to smooth your heels & a handy compartment that collects all the dry skin / debris – having beautiful feet (and silky-smooth heels) has never been easier!

How to Use / Benefits

- Boasts a coarse rasp blade for the removal of thick, hard calluses - and a fine rasp blade for after-care; which smoothes and removes thinner calluses.
- Very practical and hygienic, with a concealed collecting tray for skin debris underneath the rasp blade
- Available in a range of colours

- To change the rasp blade: You'll find a small indentation in the side of the holder. Push the blade upwards from it & then press the new rasp blade back into the holder.


Caution: Not suitable for diabetics and people with a strong tendency to bleed

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